Saturday, 26 January 2013

wildflower meadows

I can't remember when my obsession for wildflower meadows began but I know I've always dreamed of having one. I dream of lying down, hidden, embraced by long beautiful flowers and grasses. I dream of silence, of hearing nothing but the rustle of the meadow in the wind as the sun shines upon my face. That is my happy place. One day when my garden is my own (at the moment my house is rented) and when I have a huge plot of land (a girl can dream) I will have my very own meadow, at the moment though I shall have to make do with creating a 'mini meadow' within my borders. 

I am very excited as I have just purchased some seeds from Pictorial Meadows, a company based in Sheffield and who recently created the beautiful flower meadow displays at the Olympic Park. They have so many amazing mixes it was hard to choose but I’ve gone for the ‘Pastel’ Annual Mix which includes some of my absolute favourite flowers such as; Bishops Flower Ammi Majus, Cosmos Cosmos Bipinnatus, Cornflower Centaurea Cyanus and Shirley Poppy Papaver Rhoeas. 

It’s strange, I always hated pale pastel colours before I started gardening, and now pastel coloured flowers have become my weakness! I would have shuddered before at pale pink and now I have embraced it, yet another way in which gardening has changed me I guess. 

I can’t wait to plant my meadow mix, looking at the pictures below it shall keep me, my garden and of course all those lovely insects happy this Summer!

Pictorial Meadow Seeds - 'Pastel' Annual Mix

Pictorial Meadows Pastel Annual Mix - As trialled by Sarah Raven 

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