Wednesday, 6 February 2013

the first signs of spring

There's signs all over the garden that Spring is on its way. I step outside into the garden now and I get a slight tinge with excitement with all the signs of life cropping up. Spring couldn't come soon enough for me. This is my first Winter as a gardener and I never minded the season before but now I cannot wait for it to end, I really have missed just pottering about, doing a bit of weeding, looking after seedlings and cutting flowers for the house, am sure most gardeners feel the same.

The newly unfurling Aquilegia leaves

Euphorbia polychroma 

New Rhubarb shoots

Narcissus shoots growing amongst the Wallflowers

New Narcissus shoots

A Primula beginning to flower, donated to me my by Mum last year 

New flowers forming on Euphorbia x martini

Luckily I took these photos a few days ago as it snowed again yesterday up here in Sheffield, perhaps Spring isn't as close as I'd hoped! These first signs of life have given me all I need to spur me on though, on the downside it's also made me realise that I still have lots of tidying up to do in the garden; there's plenty of dead foliage to cut back, hedges to trim and leaves to clear, all I need now is a nice clear day (and a day off from work but perhaps that's asking a tad too much).

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