Tuesday, 26 March 2013

bedroom inspiration

This week me and Allsy are off work (yay!) but in true Chelsea and Alex fashion we're not going on holiday, nor do we have loads of day trips planned, oh no we're decorating instead. We know how to live life on the edge. Tonight for instance we went to B&Q for paint just before closing and whilst there we went halves on two chocolate bars (Bounty for Allsy and Twirl for me in case you're interested). Rock and roll do I hear you cry?! Damn straight.

I am super excited though as I can't wait for the house to look all lovely for once. Every room needs decorating as we didn't do a single thing to it when we moved in and then last year I caught the gardening bug so I just obsessed about plants instead and completely neglected the house. The rooms that I am hoping to get finished by the end of this week, as they are in the saddest state, are the bedroom, bathroom and pantry which at the rate we're going should be achievable (if I haven't just gone and jinxed it!)

I usually have a clear vision of how I'd like a room to look but I must admit I am currently a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities of what the house could look like. So to get a bit of inspiration for the rooms I've been keeping my eyes open for images that take my fancy whilst perusing the internet. I have done this with all the rooms, first up are my favourite bedroom images and if you're good girls and boys I'll share with you the rest...

Image from Little Green Shed's blog - link 
Image from Sandra Juto's blog - link
Image from Kitka's blog - link
Image from Junkaholique's blog - link
Image from Lula's Bazaar blog - link
Image from Baixa House Apartments - link
Image from Emily Chalmer's book Flea Market Style - link

Image from Door Sixteen's blog - link

P.S. Sorry the sizes are a bit skewiff, I am so very tired, is that an acceptable excuse?? 


  1. love the first bedroom
    We should do lots of paint work in the house.
    enjoy your break

    1. Thank you, I am enjoying my break but after 6 days painting (and counting...) I am truly fed up of it! :)

  2. Hard work isn't it? I'm so envious you have a pantry. Was thinking about writing a post on pantries/larders sometime. Maybe.

    Once the rubbish stuff's done (I hate sanding most of all) you get to do the nice things - wandering around arranging vases and stuff. Just let that thought keep you going :)

    1. I think that describing it as a pantry may have conjured up a more elaborate vision than what that area actually is, all it is is the walkway between my kitchen and my bathroom (our bathroom's downstairs) where there's a shelf and a space for our freezer. I would kill for a proper pantry though, we have very limited storage space in our kitchen.

      The end is nearing now, my absolute favourite bit is the arranging too, that's all I'm planning on doing Sunday, I really can't wait!!