Saturday, 2 March 2013

spring is here

Today finally felt like spring had arrived. 

It was lovely and sunny and Bootsy Cat loved it, he kept doing roly polies on the path.

Then he basked for a bit.

I however had things to do. 

I finally tidied out the front porch, it's been an absolute tip all winter and me and Allsy have nearly tripped over the mass of shoes on several occasions. I also tend to use the porch as my potting shed (as mentioned in a previous post I hope to do up the shed for this purpose) so it's a less than glamorous entrance for guests.

The contents of the front porch
After tidying it and scrubbing it clean though, it looks much better. Allsy says that it looks that good he could live in it!

After all that spring cleaning I had a wander round the garden with my camera. The garden feels like there's something new to look at each day. The worst thing about working full time is that I miss lots of its little details, it's been lovely wandering around it and finding all those little moments...

It's also been lovely today getting to be outside without a coat (or jumper!!) on. It's been freezing inside our house though, it's always way colder inside than out. Allsy's been sat in our living room with two heaters on!

I do owe him a big thank you though, he stayed up with me until late last night helping me make changes to the new blog so has spent today catching up on his own things. I am extremely happy with how it's starting to look though, I hope you are too.

Chelsea x

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