Wednesday, 10 April 2013

plants, plants, plants

* Spoiler alert: This post contains an excessive amount of photos of plants.

I know, I know, I shared a few photos of the garden with you in Monday's post and this is getting ridiculous, well you best get used to it as I am obsessive about plants.

Here's what's happening in the garden right now. It's early spring, the buds are forming on the trees, the primroses and pulmonaria are about to flower and the garden is filled with a sense of anticipation, well I am anyway...

P.S. I have just popped up the new afternibbin. logo at the top of the page, I hope you like. I am tinkering about with the blog a bit at the moment so sorry if things keep changing slightly, I'm awkward and can't leave it alone! 


  1. i like the new logo, it's nice and bright. just like your flowery images

    1. thank you kindly, the old one was a bit wishy washy, turns out crayola supertips don't scan well :)