Tuesday, 21 May 2013

reasons to be cheerful

Sorry for the maudlin post the other day. Am feeling much chirpier now I'm glad to say. 

There's so many things at the moment that have combined to make me feel positively cheery. What a difference a few days make. Here's just some of the things that are currently making me smile...

The pretty pink Apple blossom forming on the trees outside our bedroom window.

The Chelsea Flower Show is here! Which means this week I shall be seeing far too much of Alan Titchmarsh in my front room. 

I'll also be getting to see lots of lovely gardens. My favourite so far has been Jo Thompson's 'Stop the Spread' garden. The planting is so beautiful and inspiring.

Image of Jo Thompson's 'Stop the Spread' garden - link

Our home is full of pretty flowers.

The garden is starting to change quite quickly now, Summer almost feels like it's on its way.

Seedlings are growing.

And plants are starting to flower.


Allium 'Purple Sensation'


The later tulips are in flower.

I think that 'Angélique' could be my most favouritest tulip. 

Although 'Spring green' is also a strong contender.

Bootsy Cat looks as adorable as ever, is it wrong that whenever I see him I get a strong desire to squidge him. Possibly. 

Queens of the Stone age have a new album due out, I have been playing My God is the Sun on loop!

And last but most certainly not least my lovely boyfriend Allsy has been practising the guitar and bass lots of late, he is such a talented soul and it makes me very happy to listen to him play. He's also putting up most admirably with the Chelsea Flower Show coverage, god bless him. 

So all in all I am a very happy bunny.


  1. Cherry blossom trees are so beautiful right? They do make me smile to, also flowers I worked as a florist in London for several year and I loved it! :)

    1. They are, the blossom is short lived but looks spectacular whilst it's here! :)

  2. Love the pictures again! Mumly xXx

  3. reasons to be cheerful, your lovely posts on flowers. they do make me feel happy

  4. yay happy bunny and squidy cats! reasons to be cheerful indeed xxxx