Wednesday, 17 July 2013

the wild garden

Wowzers it truly is scorchio. Working in an office is not fun in this heat. Got to be thankful though, the evenings have been beautiful, I'll give you that Mr. Sunshine.

I'm afraid the garden has gone mad. Completely wild. Or in the words of my Nanan it looks like "a jungle". And not in the good way. The worse the garden looks the more close ups of flowers I show so in this particular post it is practically all close ups of pretty flowers, the few beauties currently shining out amongst the oh so rampant weeds. I feel painfully guilty every time I look outside. My heart really does hurt at the state it's got in. My poor poor garden what have I done to you. It's going to take days to sort out but I'm going to try and make a good start on it this weekend before the task is made virtually impossible.

One good point (there's not many at the minute), I love my new heart sculpture. It was slightly larger than I expected it to be but it is rather purty don't you think. 

And here's a selection of close ups of all that lovely flora. It's all on these guys to keep going. The show must go on...

Right I'm off to put my pinnny on in the hopes of making me some gooseberry jam. Wish me luck. 

P.S.Forgot to mention that I will be linking this post with Mammasaurus' How does your Garden Grow? Series. Click here to see gardens far more beautiful and maintained than my own.


  1. ooo jungles with that many flowers in are wonderful xxxx

  2. sounds like you have a big job ahead. Still, all looks nice from my end.

  3. You have a really nice garden! The flowers are doing really well.