Tuesday, 20 August 2013

world's jazziest cushion

The past two Monday's I've been at my Nanan's house making the world's jazziest cushion out of fabric scraps and stuffing from cut up pillows for my two little cats to cuddle up on. My Nanan helped me a lot, and I mean a lot.

I proudly took it home last night to show the cats who weren't all that interested.

Tonight we tried tricking my little cat Mouse to sit on it by putting cat treats on it and one of her favourite toys.

Intrigue got the better of her. 

And before long she was using it as mountain to climb.

A hurdle to leap over.

And a wrestling ring where she was going head to head with her arch-nemesis, the yellow butterfly.

As of yet no cuddling up has occurred on the world's jazziest cushion.

To be continued...


  1. Now that sure is one of the jazziest cushions I've ever seen, glad to see it's getting a good reception

  2. ooooo look at that kitty jump...jump kitty jump!!! xx

  3. Love those fabric choices :) Thanks for your lovely comment the Diana pics. Laura x

  4. Oh I just love the in process pouncing photo. :) Your kitty reminds me of one of my cats. He's an all black cat too and it reminds me of what he looked like when he was just a kitten.

  5. Very jolly Cushion! Lucky Cat!