Monday, 23 December 2013

The Winter Garden

So after quite a long absence (almost 3 months!) I'm back. I can't believe the last post I did I mentioned that I'd got a new job and promised that I'd be back to tell you more about it and then I've only just returned now, that is what they call in the trade a cliffhanger my friends! I must admit that it's been a funny few months. I started my new job at as a Sales Support Assistant at the start of November and I'm really enjoying it but have been so busy that time has just flown by. I've been in a funny old mood at times too, focusing on all the things that I don't have and want, rather than all the truly amazing things that I do have. I've barely done any gardening and I've not been blogging much either, two things I usually love immensely. Yesterday though I went back into the garden for a few hours in an attempt to tidy it up, there's still a lot to do but to be fair with gardening isn't there always. Here's how the garden currently looks after a bit of a tidy up, a bit grim and bare but I'm getting there with preparations for Spring.

Looking around my garden at this time of year I realise that I really do need more plants with Winter interest, I know I said the same last Winter but I've still not sorted it! Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. what a beauty. loving your merry christmas signage! all the close up flower shots are stunning x

    Katrina Sophia Blog