Tuesday, 26 February 2013

shed loads of space

As mentioned in Saturday's post we moved around the living room at the weekend ever so slightly to make space for a desk for little old me (as seen above). I have been loving it, me and my boyfriend Alex are currently sat at the opposite ends of our living room (but our house is so small if we stretch out our arms we'd be touching!) both getting on with our own things, bliss. I also treated myself to the indoor chrysanthemum and put a photo up and this is instantly a happy little space that feels like just mine.

That feeling of having your own space is very important to me, I know it's daft and I really do love living with Alex but I treasure those little spaces that are just mine. The garden for one is usually the space I escape to when I want a bit of time on my own, Alex hates gardening, his only job is sweeping up after I've made a right old mess of the path, to which he does a lovely job by the way. This winter though, and whenever the weather's bad, I can't escape outside and I start to feel cooped up. This desk, although it's only a tiny space, certainly helps but I do love to be outside, so...

I have been daydreaming of doing the shed up, I know, I know, I have a whole house that I am planning on doing up and which I still have yet to start and I'm already thinking of the next project. This is what makes my heart soar though, and I will try and do the shed up soon even if I die from exhaustion!

We were very lucky that a shed came with the house so I don't have to buy one. When we first moved in it was this awful brown colour and the roof was knackered.

Last summer my dad very kindly lent me his DIY expertise and together we repaired the roof, some may say we 'bodged' it but I was pretty darned proud of our handiwork. I also gave it a lick of paint (or three) and it was vastly improved. 

I did however do nothing to the inside, there are some major holes to the left hand side and I just crammed it full of stuff, without an ounce of organisation involved. Sheds seems to lend themselves well to that level of chaos and disorganisation though don't they, much like lofts, luckily I don't have one of those or I'd be in a similar situation. It does not look pretty in there and it's only purpose at the moment is as a dumping ground, but at least the spiders like it. It would be really handy if I could have somewhere to pot up seedlings when it's miserable outside, it would also be great to maybe have somewhere when I could draw, paint, write and hopefully just enjoy being in there.

Anyway, after seeing photos of these sheds I have serious shed envy! Yep if my shed didn't look pretty before, comparing it to these lovelies certainly hasn't helped.

The above images are from the shed of Artemis from Junkaholique which is my absolute favourite blog, do check it out. I love the simplicity and it's amazing what you can achieve with such a small space. Her husband Nao's shed is also pretty special too, images below.

Inspired? I'll say. If you want to see more amazing sheds why not check out the entries for this years Shed of the Year competition, I've been looking through these every lunchtime and they've only been fuelling the fire in my case to do the shed up.

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