Saturday, 23 February 2013

today has been a jolly good day. I...

...admired the foxgloves I planted under torch light last night (Illumination Pink from Thompson & Morgan)

...went all gooey at the sight of my boyfriend Alex and Bootsy cat having a little snuggle

...went antique shopping and spent money I didn't have on things I told Alex we desperately needed (sorry I didn't take any photos of the shops, I forgot in all the excitement! Must do better next time)

...came home and tidied our bombsite of a bedroom whilst Bootsy chilled amongst the tower of clothes

...admired my purchases

vintage lampshade from The Pad, Sheffield

teeny weeny old glass medicine bottle from Heeley Bank Antiques Centre, Sheffield
new mirror from Heeley Bank Antiques Centre

an amazing pair of 70's curtains from The Pad

wicker basket from Heeley Bank Antiques Centre

yet another vintage lampshade from The Pad

50's glasses from Langton's Antiques, Sheffield

...tidied the living room, making space for a little desk/workspace for moi (the little sewing machine is new too, do you think we went a bit mad?!)

...lit some candles

...and now I'm sat at my new little desk with Alex at my left typing merrily away and Bootsy cat to my right dreaming of rolling in soil and supping cat milk, most probably

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend too

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