Sunday, 17 March 2013

garden update

It has been a very busy weekend with me and Allsy trying to desperately cram in as much as we possibly can. I have taken an obscene amount of photos too, even by my standards, which I'll try to share with you all this week. 

Was really pleased though as amongst all the chaos I managed to finally get outside and sow some seeds. I've not spent much time recently in the garden as I've been so busy doing stuff for the house, was starting to feel guilty about this as last year everything I tried to grow myself was a disaster and I promised myself that this year I'd do better.

I was very lucky this week, my grandad kindly gave me two growhouses that he was no longer using. I had run out of space in my own teeny tiny one to grow everything that I wanted to so before sowing any seeds I talked Alex into helping me put them up. After an hour or so of us attempting to build the largest one without instructions, whilst it was freezing cold and absolutely chucking it down with rain (and then sleet!) we gave in and went inside. 

A phone call later and my nan and grandad came round to help us, I certainly couldn't have built it without my grandad's help although it still took two hours to fathom how all the pieces went together even with his assistance. It was well worth it in the end though as I now have lots of extra space for my seedlings plus it's large enough for me to tend to them at night without getting wet (I may never leave!). 

It looks very neat and tidy at the moment but I doubt it will stay this way for long.

There's a few seedlings already growing nicely in there.

My beloved foxgloves are coming on a treat.

My forget-me-nots aren't so impressive though, am hoping they'll pick up their pace a bit more once the weather gets warmer, it's my own fault though as I sowed them a month too late last year so they didn't get that head start that they probably needed.

Euphorbia Oblongata below. I must grow more Euphorbias this year, I really do love them. I also would love to visit this gentleman's allotment. So many Euphorbias!!

Another foxglove seedling.

I sowed some Sweet Pea's today too. When I was buying my seeds it was so hard to choose what variety to go for, I loved the look of them all. In the end I went for 'Matucana' as one site stated that it was the "strongest scented Sweet Pea in the world". Well you can't grumble with that can you.

I still have lots more seeds to sow but I'm pleased that at least now I've made a start, am chuffed to bits with my new growhouse too.

Whilst outside I had a wander around the garden. I can't believe how much it's changed in a week, despite the dreary weather we've been having everything seems to be picking up pace. Here's my favourite things that I spied...





Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin'.

Miniature Daffodils.

Crocuses. (This was the very first flower that I saw when I moved into this house, before my obsession with gardening had begun.)

Yellow Corydalis. Growing in my wall.

Euphorbia x martinii. 



Drumstick Primulas.




And last but not least. Pulmonaria. 

I was extremely muddy when I got back inside but I felt so much better for being out in the garden. I love it out there.

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