Sunday, 31 March 2013

happy easter

Hello my lovelies

Happy easter to you all. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. 

We've started tidying up the rooms and attempting to get the house back in order. It feels nice not to be surrounded by dust and mess in at least some of the rooms now.

First we've tidied up the pantry, or perhaps that is too fancy a name for it, first we've tidied up the area that we keep our freezer. 

Here's what it looked like before...

Very grim indeed.

Now here's what it looks like after a lick of paint and a bit of a tidy up...

(By the way, please excuse the yellowing door above and the paint on the door handle, I shall be painting that shortly when we get on to decorating the kitchen, I promise.)

Some of my favourite things..

I bought this tin yesterday and am so in love with it, on the other sides are an illustration of a hellebore and cowslip, so cute.

I'm so excited to get at least a few of my tablecloths out too, I enjoyed using them lots here and I hated the thought of packing them all up again. This is a particular favourite of mine too.

And finally this is a picture of the area where I grew up. Me and Alex met and fell in love in the Hotel/Restaurant at the far left of the picture, we also lived there for about a year so I like this picture a lot, fond memories indeed.

Right, I'm off to do yet more tidying. Perhaps pausing ever so often to admire my new little freezer area, it's so twee and camp (very much like myself some might say) and I love it. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday folks and feel thoroughly sick with the amount of chocolate eggs you eat. Enjoy x 


  1. happy easter, yours looks productive

    1. Thanks, happy easter to you too. It looks like I've been more productive than I actually have. I have lots of serious major tidying and cleaning to do but instead of getting on with that I've just been fannying about making things look pretty! :)

  2. We had the same vase as your brown glass one when I was little (but in blue). Wish I still had it!
    Love your Penguin covers. Might have to nab that idea - we've got 2 boxes of vintage Penguins mouldering away in the shed which need rescuing very soon before it's too late.
    Understairs areas like that are so sweet. Yours looks fab, well done!

    1. They're just penguin postcards not the real books, you should definitely go out and rescue yours, it would be tragic if something so lovely got wrecked. Thanks, it had become a dumping ground for stuff that I didn't know where to put, it feels so much better to have finally tidied it up.