Wednesday, 3 April 2013

finished bathroom

I have finally finished the bathroom and include it here for your viewing pleasure, or not as the case may be.

Here is is before, a beautiful bogey green colour. I know what you're thinking, who in their right mind would paint their bathroom such a hideous shade of green, well me unfortunately. I hated it as soon as I did it but not one to admit defeat I've lived with it for the past year.

Lovely yes? Mmm thought not. Anyway, after five or six coats of white paint...

...It looks vastly improved. Well a lot lighter and brighter anyway, I can't work miracles.

The cherub head below was given to Allsy by one of his best friend's Matt many moons ago. I did briefly consider moving it from my lovely bathroom but couldn't bring myself to. That grotesque little head will probably stare at me whenever I bathe for the rest of my days, and it's oddly what people comment on the most when they come to our home.

Mr Yukka still resides here too, our cat Bootsy loves to dig up all it's soil so we have to keep him in here, out of harms way.

I bought the Midwinter pot that I'm using as a toothbrush holder recently from ebay, I also bought the Jersey Pottery vase at the far right from ebay too last week. I got a tad carried away and went on a bit of an ebay frenzy, bidding on more items than perhaps I'd originally intended to. I do love them though.

Allsy bought me the Mr. Cold soap dispenser one birthday. I love him too. The soap comes out his nose and we always have green soap as it makes me smile.

That's everything folks. It's only a teeny tiny space but it does us fine.

Oh and here is where my bathroom is in relation to the finished pantry I shared with you on Sunday.



  1. Great make over the white walls brings more light :)

    1. Thank you, I really don't know what I was thinking with the green!!

  2. What a transformation the white makes! It looks so fresh. I love the MidWinter pot and the pretty jug you have put the daffs in too :)

    1. Thanks, funnily enough your blog was my inspiration for the white walls, have always gone for colours previously. I love how fresh and clean the Scandinavian style is, it certainly makes for a more relaxing space and lets your belongings do the talking (rather than the bogey green walls!) I must admit I'm a white walls convert, the whole house is getting a coat! :)