Wednesday, 26 June 2013

an evening walk

Last Friday me, my dad and Allsy all took my mum and dad's dog Tilly for a walk around the fields near their house. 

I love this area, my dad used to take me and my little sister up here when we were younger to see his friend's horse Popeye. Then when I got a bit older me and my friends used to go for walks around here quite often. I used to love picking big bunches of grasses and cow parsley and still picked a few this time, some things never change.

There's still horses in the fields too, although obviously no Popeye I'm afraid.

I liked this little fella though, ninja horsey giving me the stare down.

Lately I've been trying to improve my drawing and watercolour skills... 

So saw this little wander as a good opportunity to practice by doing a few little sketches of the area. I really do love this landscape, it has always inspired me. 

The wildflower meadows... 

The beautiful dry stone walling and foxgloves...

The stiles and pathways... 

The long grasses that blow softly in the wind... 

The billowing clouds of cow parsley...

And all the lovely wildflowers, the colours of these poppies is just incredible... 

Before you say anything, yes I know I'm no great artist, I really enjoyed doing these though and hopefully with practice I'll get better. Drawing to me was always a scary thing, I know crazy huh, but thanks to my beautiful boyfriend Allsy I finally have the courage and confidence in myself to give it a go. It only took 23 years to find out I actually really like drawing! Can't wait to keep practising. 

Oh and also, yes I know I didn't do an image for the header of this post, my felt tips are having a wee break but they will be back soon.


  1. I personally think your drawings are beautiful. You're very talented. This looks like such a nice place for a walk.

    1. Thank you Jennifer, that's very kind of you! It is indeed a lovely place for a walk, it's one of the things I miss most about not leaving at home, me and my boyfriend Allsy used to walk around here almost every night :)

  2. Love your drawings - and ninja horsey!

    1. I know ninja horsey was so sweet, he kept purposefully scratching his head on the barbed wire though, he was most definitely a strange character!

  3. Evening walk can really clear ones mind and make place for many ideas. Love the drawings.

    1. So true, I always feel better for a bit of fresh air and a nice wander. People who go walking with me usually get fed up of me though as I keep stopping to take photos :)