Sunday, 2 June 2013

lazy weekend

This weekend the weather has been truly glorious yet again hasn't it?! It has been so nice to be able to sit out and just enjoy the garden, and the sunshine of course. 

I haven't done a great deal I'm afraid, other than tidying the living room and moving it around a bit last night I have been thoroughly lazy (and I've loved every second of it!).

My grass has got ridiculously overgrown but rather than mowing it (which I probably should have done) I have just been laying in it, pretending it's my own mini meadow

The lawn is full of dandelions, buttercups, various grasses and self sown Aquilegias and Forget-me-nots, it looks rather raggedy but actually I quite like it in a strange sort of way.

I must be honest and admit that the whole garden at the moment is looking rather wild, due to the fact that I've been sat outside enjoying the sunshine, rather than doing any proper gardening. There is a soft, delicate and pretty edge to it which I'm enjoying though...

I wanted to bring that delicate but wild edge into the house so have picked some flowers that to me sum up the mood of the garden at the moment. I've used some of my absolute favourite flowers (some of them picked from the lawn), using both garden flowers, such as tulips, wallflowers and Aquilegias, with wild flowers such as dandelions, buttercups and cow parsley...

Am quite chuffed with how they've turned out, they're certainly cheering up the newly tidied living room, and me for that matter, with their wildness.

I hope you're all enjoying your sunshine filled weekends.

afternibbin. x 


  1. I love a wild garden! These colourful flowers are so lovely that I want to paint them x

    The Young Bridget Jones
    Katrina Sophia Art

  2. How pretty! Those pinks and yellows in that vase are so delicate! Beautiful photos as usual - glad to hear you have had a chilled out weekend x

  3. gorgeous! I love that feel...good job my garden is pretty wild in the majority! Buttercups becoming wild like crazy! loving your vases of colour! xxx

  4. Glad you've had a chilled out weekend x mumly