Tuesday, 4 June 2013

purple flowers

At the moment the main colour in the garden is purple. Don't worry, this was deliberate. My lovely old Pops would love it, he is a major purple fan so here you go Pops, these ones are just for you...

I'm afraid that I'd also like to use this post to shamefully recommend the work of some of my loved ones, I hope you don't mind. 

My little sister has just started her first blog. A super idea as she is ridiculously pretty and stylish. So for make-up, fashion, and all things cute and colourful, why not check out The Life of Ruby Moomin. For her first post she shows you how to create a 20's look inspired by The Great Gatsby and she looks flipping sensational!

Also my boyfriend Allsy has just created another side project for his music and I couldn't resist sharing. His music is truly beautiful at times and downright dirty and gritty at others, so why not check out Wou Wou and the Wormling (I know, great name right?!) on Sound Cloud or Facebook now.

And if you haven't already checked out Major Gubbins, a communal project set up by Allsy's alter-ego's (the inside of Allsy's head is a most wonderful thing) and even including drawings by little old me, why not go do so now. To get lost in the world of Major Gubbins is a most wonderful thing, full of music, illustrations, and all sorts of adventures and hijinks, it is the happiest space I know on this thing we call the web. 

Lots of lovely things to keep your eyes and ears most happy indeed...


  1. Great color! Lilac is one of my favorite bushes!

  2. Beautiful, I love purple flowers! The illustration is lovely. I will sure check out these recommended blogs, I trust your taste! :)xx