Monday, 23 December 2013

The Winter Garden

So after quite a long absence (almost 3 months!) I'm back. I can't believe the last post I did I mentioned that I'd got a new job and promised that I'd be back to tell you more about it and then I've only just returned now, that is what they call in the trade a cliffhanger my friends! I must admit that it's been a funny few months. I started my new job at as a Sales Support Assistant at the start of November and I'm really enjoying it but have been so busy that time has just flown by. I've been in a funny old mood at times too, focusing on all the things that I don't have and want, rather than all the truly amazing things that I do have. I've barely done any gardening and I've not been blogging much either, two things I usually love immensely. Yesterday though I went back into the garden for a few hours in an attempt to tidy it up, there's still a lot to do but to be fair with gardening isn't there always. Here's how the garden currently looks after a bit of a tidy up, a bit grim and bare but I'm getting there with preparations for Spring.

Looking around my garden at this time of year I realise that I really do need more plants with Winter interest, I know I said the same last Winter but I've still not sorted it! Does anyone have any recommendations?

Monday, 7 October 2013

Garden Tour

Hello you lovely people

So, in my last post you may or may not remember that I mentioned that most of my time lately had been spent searching for jobs, preparing CVs and covering letters, well I've only gone and got myself a new job! I handed in my notice at my current practice on Wednesday and start work at my new job at the start of November, I'm so excited I could burst!! I don't want to jinx anything by going into too many details yet, I'm superstitious like that, but it's at a company I adore doing a job that I'm really looking forward to. Sorry I'm being a bit cryptic, I'll share more once I've started I promise.

Anyhoo, all this has put me in an excellent mood, I've been floating on a little cloud ever since I heard the news. Also, now all that stress and worry has gone away I finally went back out into the garden this weekend for a major tidy up in preparation for winter. The weather was great and I massively enjoyed getting reacquainted with my lovely wild garden. 

It's been absolutely ages since I've done a tour around the garden on this here blog. I've been trying to shield your eyes from the shambles by just posting photos of close ups of flowers and the such, it's been for your own good I promise. Now though I don't feel mortally embarrassed by the front two borders at least (the rest of the garden I still do!) so here they are, for your viewing pleasure... 

It's not perfect but I'm getting there.

Oh and here's my lovely big Bootsy Cat. For no other reason that I love him.

P.S. If you'd like to have a nosey on my other blog Purpose and Form, you can do so here.

Over and out.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Neglected Garden (And Blog)

Sorry it's been such a long time between posting again. I have to be honest and say that I was thinking of giving up afternibbin. I've been feeling quite down about it for a while, you know the feelings, why would anyone want to read about my personal life and the such, I'm pretty sure all bloggers suffer from these crippling thoughts sometimes. But then I received a kind word from a stranger and suddenly I remembered why I love blogging. I love the connections you make with people, no matter how small. So here I am, back and ready to share.

Recently most of my time has been spent filling in job application forms, preparing CV's, and writing covering letters all in the hopes of finding myself a new job. I am finding the whole process disheartening to say the least but I keep telling myself that the right job is out there, it will just take time. So due to the fact I've been distracted with this task I have really neglected the garden. Not surprisingly, because of this neglect it is forced to endure, the place is looking rather scruffy but I'm still enjoying it. I especially love how the garden's been changing recently as the colours of Autumn start to creep in. To me, if no one else, the place is looking beautiful.