Sunday, 31 March 2013

happy easter

Hello my lovelies

Happy easter to you all. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. 

We've started tidying up the rooms and attempting to get the house back in order. It feels nice not to be surrounded by dust and mess in at least some of the rooms now.

First we've tidied up the pantry, or perhaps that is too fancy a name for it, first we've tidied up the area that we keep our freezer. 

Here's what it looked like before...

Very grim indeed.

Now here's what it looks like after a lick of paint and a bit of a tidy up...

(By the way, please excuse the yellowing door above and the paint on the door handle, I shall be painting that shortly when we get on to decorating the kitchen, I promise.)

Some of my favourite things..

I bought this tin yesterday and am so in love with it, on the other sides are an illustration of a hellebore and cowslip, so cute.

I'm so excited to get at least a few of my tablecloths out too, I enjoyed using them lots here and I hated the thought of packing them all up again. This is a particular favourite of mine too.

And finally this is a picture of the area where I grew up. Me and Alex met and fell in love in the Hotel/Restaurant at the far left of the picture, we also lived there for about a year so I like this picture a lot, fond memories indeed.

Right, I'm off to do yet more tidying. Perhaps pausing ever so often to admire my new little freezer area, it's so twee and camp (very much like myself some might say) and I love it. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday folks and feel thoroughly sick with the amount of chocolate eggs you eat. Enjoy x 

Friday, 29 March 2013

bathroom inspiration

After spending every day of our holiday so far decorating we have finally finished painting (well, sort of). We've completely finished painting the bathroom and pantry and we've painted the majority of the bedroom. We're going to finish the bedroom over the next few weekends though so that we can spend these last few days of our holiday together and so that we can relax for at least a teeny bit before we go back to work. Neither of us can wait to get out the house too, we've been starting to feel a bit cooped up. Me thinks we might take a nice trip out to town for a snoop round the antique shops and a spot of lunch so you best be nice Mr Weather!!

Anyhoo, I promised that I would share with you some images of bathrooms that took my fancy whilst perusing the internet for ideas and here they are...

Image from Jane Foster's blog - link
Image from My Little Suede Shoes blog - link
Image from Elle Decor - link
Image from Door Sixteen's blog - link
Image from Design Sponge - link

I hope you all have a lovely weekend too, whatever you end up doing.

afternibbin. x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

bedroom inspiration

This week me and Allsy are off work (yay!) but in true Chelsea and Alex fashion we're not going on holiday, nor do we have loads of day trips planned, oh no we're decorating instead. We know how to live life on the edge. Tonight for instance we went to B&Q for paint just before closing and whilst there we went halves on two chocolate bars (Bounty for Allsy and Twirl for me in case you're interested). Rock and roll do I hear you cry?! Damn straight.

I am super excited though as I can't wait for the house to look all lovely for once. Every room needs decorating as we didn't do a single thing to it when we moved in and then last year I caught the gardening bug so I just obsessed about plants instead and completely neglected the house. The rooms that I am hoping to get finished by the end of this week, as they are in the saddest state, are the bedroom, bathroom and pantry which at the rate we're going should be achievable (if I haven't just gone and jinxed it!)

I usually have a clear vision of how I'd like a room to look but I must admit I am currently a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities of what the house could look like. So to get a bit of inspiration for the rooms I've been keeping my eyes open for images that take my fancy whilst perusing the internet. I have done this with all the rooms, first up are my favourite bedroom images and if you're good girls and boys I'll share with you the rest...

Image from Little Green Shed's blog - link 
Image from Sandra Juto's blog - link
Image from Kitka's blog - link
Image from Junkaholique's blog - link
Image from Lula's Bazaar blog - link
Image from Baixa House Apartments - link
Image from Emily Chalmer's book Flea Market Style - link

Image from Door Sixteen's blog - link

P.S. Sorry the sizes are a bit skewiff, I am so very tired, is that an acceptable excuse?? 

Friday, 22 March 2013

lace curtains

Yes I know this post is about lace curtains and no I'm not approaching my 86th birthday. Bear with me here as these bad boys are flipping lovely. 

Made my MYB Textiles, the only producer in the world still manufacturing with original Nottingham Lace Looms, these lovelies are certainly nothing like your nan would have in her downstairs bathroom. 

I think that these are my particular favourite, although would love them in white.

They are so perfect for our bedroom. We've never had curtains up in there and I have a feeling that if I put any up I'd never actually close them. Could do with a bit more privacy in there though as our windows are rather large and I have a tendency of wandering around my room nude in the mornings. These would cover up my modesty whilst still letting light in, something we're short of living directly across from a wood. Plus they look so lovely and simple. Are you sold yet? Cos I certainly am.

oh and it's snowing here...

On another note it's snowing yet again here! I think I might have been a bit hasty when I cited that spring was here, either that or I royally jinxed it. 

It all looked very pretty outside my house this evening though, very pretty indeed. 

Monday, 18 March 2013

bare plaster walls

This weekend we finally removed all the wallpaper from our bedroom walls. As mentioned in a previous post we started to remove the wallpaper last year and found that the walls were in a pretty bad state so thought it best to wait until this year. For months we've been left with wallpaper half torn off in sections and where it was left it was all covered in mould, it truly has been a horrible place to be. 

What I didn't realise though was how beautiful the walls were under all that crappy wallpaper. The bare plaster walls look almost like one huge abstract painting. I find them utterly enchanting and have been laying down in bed just staring at the walls for an obscene amount of time, there's so many little details that I keep spotting. 

Me and Allsy love them so much that we're considering keeping them bare and just doing some minor repairs to them. Much to many people's horror perhaps (my mum included!). 

What do you think of them...

Was especially excited when I spotted this little face.