Tuesday, 7 May 2013

beau's 18th

Yesterday was my boyfriend Allsy's brother's 18th birthday so Allsy's mum Maria had us and Beau's friends round for a buffet. The evening mainly consisted of Beau and his friends supping cava and tequila and Me and Allsy eating so much buffet food that I had to loosen my belt quite a bit. Is that how you know you're getting old, when the buffet table is the key event of a party? Or are me and Allsy just little fatties? It could possibly be that. 

Anyhoo, while those lot were supping I saw it as a good opportunity to take a few snaps of Maria's garden as it is looking rather nice, scratch that it's looking blooming gorgeous (no pun intended)

It was so lovely to be able to sit outside until late too, it makes a nice change after months of eternal cold doesn't it?! I must admit it did start to get a tad nippy so me and Allsy had to surrender and borrow his mum's coats, I don't rate her chances for seeing that leopard print number again as Allsy took a bit of a fancy to it. 

The little 'uns seemed to have a jolly good time and stumbled to the pub later on.

Whereas me and Allsy were much more rock and roll and stumbled home to bed, must have been all the cake we ate.

I hope you all had a nice bank holiday weekend x 


  1. oh you guys look so adorable (in a kinda bearded way!) i grew up in Herefordshire by Hay-on wye and looking at these pics reminds me of evenings sat out with friends there x

    1. Hehe that proper made me chuckle, I hope you're talking about Allsy's beard and not my own! :)